Flyer distributed by Black Duck Motors, Seattle, late 1970s - 1982

             graphic: Fixing Cars, A Peopleís Primer

Like to fix your own car? Donít like to fix your own car, but you do it anyway?

Black Duck Motors, Seattleís worker-controlled, community-oriented repair garage, offers space rental in our shop by the hour or day. ($1.00 per hour, up to $5.00 per day.)

You bring car, a basic set of hand tools, and a good idea of what you are doing.

We provide shelter, major shop tools and supplies (jacks, stands, grease guns, etc.), some special tools, advice, discount on parts, good vibes. Itís a learning workshop and a humane environment.

710 S. Jackson Street MU 2-1432

P.S. We also fix cars ourselves, or work with you.

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