Here it is folks! The new Super Deluxe American Imperial! Now before I mention the price, let me tell you what went into the making of this automobile. Aluminum for the engine and transmission from Surinam, Haiti, and Jamaica. Chrome for alloys and trim from Turkey, South Africa, and Philippines. Tungsten for alloys from Bolivia, Thailand, South Korea, and Burma. Tin for alloys from Indonesia, Malaya, Bolivia, and Congo. Copper for the electrical system from Rhodesia, Canada, and Congo. Rubber for tires from Malaya and Indonesia. Oil for lubrication and fuel from Venezuela and the Mid East. And lots more!  We used to rip off lots of copper from Chile before they nationalized it. Later for them. It takes Amerikan ingenuity and know-how to organize this global rip-off and turn it into a fine looking automobile. So when you hear the mellow sound of your new American Imperial V-8, you can feel a warm sense of pride in knowing why your son died in Vietnam. 

Flyer from Peoples Press, San Francisco, early 1970s
(Before the CIA-supported overthrow of Chile's elected President Salvador Allende, 1973)

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