(Venezuelan Corn Pancakes)

Serves 2-3         

1 cup milk
2 eggs
teaspoon salt
1 pound corn kernels

Reserve about 1/4 cup corn kernels.

Blend the rest of the above ingredients.

Add the blended mix to a mixing bowl containing 3/4 cup corn flour (masa harina) and about a tablespoon of corn meal.

Spoon into a lightly-oiled frying pan, or non-oiled non-stick pan, making cakes fairly thick.

Fry till well cooked at 350 on an electric non-stick pan.
Or, on a lightly oiled cast-iron frying pan, I find that turning down the heat after a while from medium to low helps them cook without burning.

Serve the pancakes, slice them, and insert thin slices of cheddar cheese.

If any batter is left over, cook remaining pancakes and refrigerate them. They keep better this way than as raw batter.

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