Flags of the World
Flags of the World


I've selected these for their profound (mostly) insights, and because most of them are not available elsewhere on the Web
and are probably out of print but need to be preserved. If I've infringed anyone's copyright, sorry - let me know.

Private property: how it all began

Television: Beware 1986

Parables of revolution:
   Helping each other out
   Overcoming marketing  1971
   Rufus the radical reptile 1969

Pencil sharpeners: how they really work

Charity: donations to the arts

Peanuts: Charles Schulz goes to hell

The inside story: Blondie, Cathy, Calvin & Hobbes, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Garfield

Scenes from the lives of the great socialists:
    Lenin is the victim of a dreadful muddle at the German high command 1982
    Proudhon makes a joke in Tunbridge Wells 1982

The Strip - Brian McFadden in the New York Times, 2013- (over 100 cartoons)


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