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Recommended movies:

What To Do In Case of Fire

Gloomy Sunday

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (On line) 2002 Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Hope in Hard Times

Rebels With a Cause

The Yes Men (Full movie on line)

Blue Vinyl (On line)

Strange Fruit

Bringing Down a Dictator (On line)

The Corporation (On line)

No Man's Land

The History of Oil (45-minute movie on line) Educational and very funny.

The Story of Stuff (20-minute movie on line, and more by Annie Leonard)

The Bush Pilot (On line)

A Day Without a Mexican

War, Inc.

Carl Maxey - A Fighting Life

A Force For Freedom: The Robert Hilliard Story WGCU Documentary, July 29, 2021


All-time favorites:

Potemkin (full movie);  Odessa Steps scene

The Battle of Algiers (1965)

W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism (about Wilhelm Reich)

The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe


Repo Man

Return of the Secaucus 7

The Brother from Another Planet

Allegro Non Troppo

Quasi at the Quackadero (YouTube)
  And more by Sally Cruikshank

Northern Lights (1978)

The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973)

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