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Sí a la Vida in Managua rescues glue-sniffing street-kids from glue addiction and the dangers and hopelessness of life on the streets.

Solar Energy

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (U.S. Department of Energy)

Solar Radiation Resource Information (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

PV-Watts A tool to calculate energy produced by installed photovoltaics

Guide to Home Solar Panels (Solar Tribune)

Guide to Solar Thermal Energy (Solar Tribune)

Alternative Energy Engineering (Solar equipment wholesaler)

World Information Service on Energy - information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues. (Links to many other sources.)

American Solar Energy Society

Northern California Solar Energy Association

Home Power Magazine

Solar Energy International Renewable energy education. Offers hands-on workshops in solar, wind, and water power and natural building technologies.

Solar Energy News & Updates from Renewable Energy World

CubaSolar (Cuban Solar Energy Network, in Spanish)

A Kid's Guide to Solar Power in the Home

Harnessing Sunlight: A Kids' Guide to Learning About Solar Power


John Negroponte: Bush's former UN Ambassador suppressed information on human rights abuses in Honduras during the US-funded contra war. Baltimore Sun report 1995; L.A. Times report 2001

Otto Reich: Bush's former Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs invokes the ghosts of a particularly divisive scandal. During the early 1980s, when the Reagan administration met a rising tide of domestic opposition to its wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, Reich headed a propaganda department in the State Department called the Office of Public Diplomacy. This unit was staffed with CIA and Pentagon "psychological warfare" specialists and reported to Oliver North. The function of the operation was to mislead the American public by disseminating false information and discrediting reporters whose work the Reagan administration did not like. Congressional probes of the Iran-contra scandal later identified numerous illegalities and led to the closure of the Office of Public Diplomacy. National Security Archive report

Search the National Security Archive for more background information on Nicaragua.

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